Our Services

All of our services are subject to an initial meeting to assess your dog's individual needs and your particular expectations.

Please get in touch to discuss any specific needs or requirements that are not featured below.


Group dog Walk - £10

2nd dog from same household £7.00

Your dog will be collected from your home for a morning or afternoon walk in our dedicated van. They will spend at least an hour out in the open with their 4-legged friends and dropped off back at home suitably worn out.

This is the best option for most dogs as it allows them to be social, explore and play until their heart's content with other suitable canines.

Dogs will be cleaned down if needed. Fresh drinking water and treats - if permitted - will be provided.

Dogs will be walked off leash provided they show excellent recall and with owners permission.

one-on-one dog walk - £13

Subject to availability & initial meeting.

Some dogs need a bit more attention than others. Elderly, unwell and socially anxious dogs need extra love and care. We can provide these dogs with a dedicated walk in areas and situations that will suit your dogs specific needs. As with the group walk they will be collected from and dropped of at your home after a full hour of walking. The pooch will be cleaned down if needed. Fresh water will be provided as will treats, if permitted.

These dogs will be walked on the lead at all times unless otherwise instructed.

HOME VISITS -  from £7.00

Is your dog elderly, unwell, unable to go out on their regular walks or recovering from an operation?

Some dogs might not be up to running around all day and may just need to see a friendly face for a cuddle or a bit of playtime.

Home boarding - from £25

Subject to availability

We all need time off now and again and this way you can do it guilt free. Your dog will spend the evening / weekend in our home with our Diamond Dogs ( Edna & Albert ) and walked as part of the family. They can then be collected or dropped off at a time that suits you.

We are fully licensed by Gateshead council and adhere to DEFRA’s high standards, practices and legisalation. License availbale to view.

Food and other essentials will need to be provided for this service.

Puppy Visit / let out -  from £7.00

A new puppy is an enriching and very enjoyable experience. It can however be an enormous challenge even for the most experienced dog owners. Fitting in walks, play time, training and toilet breaks can be hard going. Throw in work, family, and a social life and it can nearly be impossible. Luckily, that's where we fit in!

We can visit your puppy at home, let them out for toilet breaks and have a good old fashioned play session.

With instruction we can also feed your new addition. 


CAT HOME VISITS - from £7.00

Siamese. Maine Coon. Persian. Ragdoll. Cats come in all shapes and sizes and deserve as much love and affection as their canine counterparts. Whether you're away with work or taking a well earned holiday we are available to spend time at your home with your feline friend playing, giving cuddles or just generally keeping them company.